Two Suns Can't Shine Together

Art direction, design, music production

Two Suns Can't Shine Together is my first instrumental sample-based LP. The concept takes inspiration from a gospel song I heard in a documentary.

"The S.U.N. peeped up and looked at the S.O.N, 
And the S.U.N. told the S.O.N.: Two suns can't shine together"

I was struck by the lyrics, spending days thinking about it and appreciating the open
interpretation they left for the listener. The concept was the perfect umbrella for around 100 beats I had previously created, but was unable to bring together with a uniform idea. I started then building the album and the design around this sentence. Splitting the music in two parts (suns) and using the two characters in the design as a reference to that.

Side A 
First The Bow (03:20) / S For Stern: One Ellipse For The Eclipse (04:39) / Flat-Bottom Chined Hull (05:40) / One Or Two Seats (04:10) / Drawing Twarts Left And Right (03:59)

Side B
Gunwale Wood, The Brown Can Flood (03:30) / Because The Deck Is Red And Red Is Not Dead (06:02) / Don't Put That Yoke On Your Shoulders (03:21) / And Don't Worry About Those Fishes (02:49)

Length: 42:40

"Tony (FKA Kamutao) is a Barcelona based is sample wizard invokes the spirit of many legendary vinyl crate diggers with his latest LP/beat tape, Two Suns Can’t Shine Together. Each beat features a smorgasbord of addictive loops, samples & breaks demanding repeat listens. Not to mention he creates some impressive accompanying artwork and collages you need to see for yourself." No Request Taken

Svilen Angelov, Frederic Font - mix
Billy Idiot - guitar, vocals

Thomas Mantl, Fabian Nedoluha - scratches  

(Remastered reissue available Fall 2017)


+31 682 29 18 10