Camper XL

Personal, graphic design

This personal project developed and created in 2015 is a reflection of my desire to
experiment with different mediums, beyond those I was used to using at the time. I
specifically wanted to start designing with typography and photography and how it could relate in the context of consumer packaging.

The inspiration for using Camper came from my youth. I have been wearing Camper for as long as I can remember and I always appreciated their vision in design as well as their brand values. While researching the company's history I discovered that Camper celebrated its 40th anniversary that very year. So, I decided to design a personal tribute to Camper. The idea was based on the story of someone hiding a “book of Camper memories” in a shoe box, under a pair of shoes.

I used different wooden shoe boxes I had made by hand to make a giant book. At the same time I made sure to incorporate elements of the brand to keep consistency – including touches of red.


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