My name is Tony, I’m a graphic designer and musician currently based in Amsterdam.

My work - both digital and analog - is a reflection of my diverse interests and inspirations.
Artists like Romare Bearden, Jacob Lawrence or Charles Mingus drew me to African-American art in all its slopes, while 70’s punk and new wave culture have had a big impact to me in terms of layout, color, composition and attitude when designing. 

Though I have been working in design for the past few years, I also have been performing and producing music in Spain, Austria, Germany and Italy and I studied Tabla in Benares (India). 

Some references:
Tony Hawk (900 Films), Lomography, KLM, Weltmuseum Vienna, Jazzit Musik Club, Brand New Wayo, Xavier Bonfill, Dub-a-Sense Records, Mildenburg, DelPadre.

You can contact me at: info@tonycalambres.com